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I'm having a hard time getting out of bed this morning. It feels like my weekend has gone "poof" and that we're inching up on Monday with no clean clothes, the garden still unplanted, the bedroom a disaster, the kitchen full of dirty dishes, programming to do for Ring Ring, poetry to write for Ring Ring. I'm behind of my weekly runs, I need to make the new Ring Ring posters and another set of the cards to hand out.

I'm going to bribe myself with tea and get going. Ultimately, it's good that I've been able to stay on top of Ring Ring (just barely), and now that I don't have any other performances due simultaneously, things should be a little less overwhelming. I still look forward to a day when I can wake up, stretch and read for a bit.


May 12, My place (not Max & Drew's!), 8pm, THE FUTURE.

It has been forever.

ForEVer. I'm lucky that my browser remembers my password, because I certainly wouldn't. Now listen. I'm here because I know I've got some pals who've quit the FB and don't do the +, and I've got an important thing to talk with you about. Primarily, my birthday.

It's my birthday next week. What should I do? Are folks available Friday next week? Saturday?

That is all. Go back to ignoring this journal now.

Punch Out Poetry Slam! Black Friday!

Hey folks! Please invite your friends who will be in the Twin Cities over Thanksgiving weekend to come out to the slam on Friday! It's all ages, everyone welcome, the competition is open to anyone who identifies as a woman, $5 cover, and there's the promise of an amazing time!

It is really important to the vitality of the Punch Out Poetry slam that we continue to have a good turnout- we've got a PSI renewal fee due at the end of the month, and are trying to put together funds to have a monthly spoken word poetry workshop. We had an AMAZING slam last month, with breaths bated through all three rounds, and really solid and different pieces coming from all of the women competing.

I want to see you there, Friday the 26th, 7:30! Give yourself time to find parking- lowertown is kind of torn up right now.

Echo Arts
275 E. Fourth St., Ste. B200 (basement!)
Saint Paul, MN




Had some ups and downs this week, I'm really feeling a lot better right now. I was grumpy about getting what was likely a "gentle no-thanks" brush off from a person I thought I was well matched with, but ultimately- it's fair, I'm not everyone's favorite flavor of ice cream. I was also just stressed out from all the weird hours at the pub job, the huge commutes, and the soulless uniform that dictated what color my socks could be. I've not had time to work on my projects, especially those of a) packing for my move to uptown, b) prepping the room in uptown for my impending movie, c) getting the second printing of the book done, and d) looking for a "real job". So I quit the pub job- gave them my two weeks, and since then have just felt sort of relieved. And as if the universe were trying to tell me- "Yes! You are on the right course!" I have these good news items to report.

A) I will be performing at the Science Museum on Thursday the 29th. I hope to convince them, in the ten minutes of my performance, that they want me to perform with some sort of regularity. Not because it's the best venue, or because it's somehow prestigious as a writer to perform there, but because it's my favorite place to go on a first date to, and is close to my heart. I want to be close to its heart, too. (But even if this is just a one time gig, it's so deliciously nerdy.)

B) I just got a call from the census bureau offering me a job. Onnit like a sonnet, kids. Good money, sunshine, and fresh air. Also? I don't know if you know this, but I sort of like civic engagement, and properly representing our communities seems like my cuppa tea. In my one week of training, I'll make more than I've made in two months at two jobs (not counting poetry.) But really? Can we talk about how I intend to cultivate my freckle farm? (Also a signal that it's the right choice, the training site is just down the road, with the Angry Catfish en route.)

C) Strangeblakcat got me a hookup on a cheap, probably awesome printing company, which is going to pull my production costs wayyyyy down. I'm crossing my fingers that it looks nice.

Now I need to pack. I'm going off the grid for the weekend, doing some reading and writing and chilling. Love you, see you soon.

The chapbook release was wonderful. I was nervous about having a show that was all mine, all about me and my writing, until I looked around the room and it was filled to the brim with people I love dearly, from all sorts of different parts of my life. It felt less like a show and more like I was having a good dream- surrounded by some of the best people I know of. There's an old Turkish saying, "Tell me who your friend is, and I'll tell you who you are." I must be talented, loyal, creative, funny, and charming, because that room was elbow to elbow in it last night. I only hope to always be worthy of all of that friendship.

For those of you who couldn't come, but still want the book- you can buy it from me in person, or online on my etsy site.


Thank you to everyone who helped support me in this project, everyone who has supported me in the project of my life. You make me feel pretty cool right now.

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Cover by Dax Tran-Caffee

Army of Nursery Rhymes

I thought I was going to breathe a huge sigh of relief, one week without any performances, but no. I'm just going quietly crazy, realizing all the stuff I need to get done before the events next week. Slam, slam, feature at the open mic, release party. I'd almost rather be in the thick of it, than stuck here in my brain. I've got all this Hamlet-overthinking-everything-just-get-on-with-it internal monologue going on, and we'd best deal with this quick or I'm going to stab a Polonius or drive some poor gal to drown herself.

On the up side- I'm really excited about the chapbook release- I'm not sure what all I'm going to read yet, or what order to put the performers in. But look at that line-up! Two national slam champs (possibly three), three women who bring really amazing and unique voices to the stage, the most Wonderous of Daves, and a guy who Wonder Dave has vouched for but I've never met nor read the poetry of (yay wild card!)

We'll be taking over the new Kieran's location, in their aptly named Poet's Corner. Donations accepted at the door, books will be available for sale with cash or check, for $12. The book is 44 pages long, and each poem has been illustrated by a different, talented artist from around the world- Minneapolis musician and theatre technician Dietrich Poppen, Michigan cartoonist and illustrator Meredith Rogers, L.A. illustrator and collage artist Aaron Edelson, Saint Paul set designer Andrea Heilman, and Chilean illustrator and web comic writer Juan Santapau are among the artists represented.

Look, if you want to come in from out of town, I will make sure you have a place to stay, and if you're an awesome poet/storyteller from out of town, I'll piss Wonder Dave off more by adding yet another performer to the lineup. Dave and I have the sort of relationship where we poke at each other's boundaries and try each other's patience, but eventually he just tells me what to do and I do it. It's why he's taking Laura Yes Yes to Mars and not me. Well, also, I'm afraid of heights.

for the non-locals an online release party!Collapse )
As per usual. New Year's eve, my place. If you show up before 8:30, you're helping clean.

Things are a bit financially tight this year, so we're not providing the huge food spread we usually do. There may be some treats (I just got vegan cookies invade your cookie jar!), but don't plan on stuffing yourself, and feel welcome to bring food if you desire. There will be some booze (Bella says "BOOOOOZE!"), feel welcome to bring more. There will be some mixers, feel welcome to bring more. We will forget to get ice, someone bring some ice.

This is going to be our 9th NYE party, folks. We know how to throw a good gig! Feel free to bring a date or a friend, folks who know their tolerance and folks who know how to have a good time are encouraged! There will be music, antics, and probably climbing of furniture and walls, knowing us. No dress code enforced- wear a ball gown, wear t-shirt and jeans, you're welcome in our house.

Questions? Email me!